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Corporate Social Responsibility

We at First Corporate decided in 2016 that we wanted to give back to charity, by starting a yearly fundraising campaign. 

Every year we will ask our team to recommend a charity they support, and once we have collated these charities we will randomly choose five. Those five will then be voted on by everyone in the company, and the charity with the most votes will be our focus for that year.

In 2016, our employees chose the Make-A-Wish Foundation as their Charity of Choice. 


So far we have held two bake sales, organised a book sale, had a 'festive dress' day in the work place, and one of our employees did a sponsored head shave.

Our main event was held on February 25th in The Scow Rugby Club in Port Talbot where we hosted 'Make-A-Wish Rocks!' an evening of musical performances from some of our employees and a raffle which had various impressive prizes. The night was a great success! 

So far we have raised over £2000 for Make-A-Wish and we will continue to with fundraising activities throughout the rest of the year and will then choose a new charity to support in 2018. 

If you would like to help us raise money for Make-A-Wish, we have a justgiving page that you can donate to directly. 

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